Dolphins have fascinated humans for millennia, giving rise to an abundance of stories and myths about them, yet the actual details of their lives in the sea have remained elusive.

For example, Bottlenose dolphins have been observed covering their beaks with basket sponges torn from the seafloor as they forage for food.  This tool helps them uncover fish hiding in the sandy sea bottom, and protects their beaks from scrapes and stings.

Researchers say this behaviour seems to be passed on from mother to daughter dolphin.

And if sponging isn’t enough to impress you, the Shark bay dolphins have also been spotted using conch shells to trap tasty fish, then shaking their catch into their mouths. 

Guess their moms didn’t teach them manners!

Researchers are still studying all the reasons for these behavioural adaptations, but one thing is definitely clear:  there are different tools for different porpoises.