​Thanks to:

SC - for taking all the photographs during our visit to Dolphina Park, thank you, and thank you for being my rock.

Don't Swim With Dolphins in Playa Del Carmen - for the use of a photograph illustrating manual collection of semen in captive breeding.

AB - thank you for being there and your help, calmness and telling me to "keep it together".

WDC - for brilliant information simply presented to which we could direct readers.

Dolphins-World - for information on Dolphin Assisted Therapy to which we could direct readers.

Dr Naomi Rose - for advice on show behaviours.

Dr Ingrid Visser - for advice, guidance and showing that anything is possible.

Suzanne Rogers - for advice, guidance and pulling it all together.

WW & DH - for being there and asking the right questions, proof reading and support. 

NDH & RD - for endless hours of hard work, keeping us sane and roughly on track.

AE - for translation and encouragement along the way.

Born Free Foundation - for help, advice and guidance.

Marine Connection - for help, advice and guidance.

Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises ​by Kenneth Stafford Norris - about corneal clouding.

Veterinary Ophthalmology: Two Volume Set, Volumes 1-2 edited by Kirk N. Gelatt, Brian C. Gilger, Thomas J. Kern - about dolphin cataracts.

Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine: Health, Disease, and Rehabilitation by Leslie A Dierauf - about diseases of captive marine mammals.

Dolphins in Captivity: Realities and Perspectives by Ligia Dorina Dima, Carmen Gache - about Constanta Dolphinarium, marine trips in the Romanian waters of the Black Sea.

Mr Martyn Stewart - for giving his permission to share his video, "The Dolphins of Taiji and the Captive Trade"

There are several photographs that we have used in sections which we were unable to trace the owners.  If you are such an owner and object to the use of your image on this site please contact us with proof of ownership and we will remove the image with our apologies.

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